Magento – Removing “Top 5 Search Terms” from Dashboard.

If you’ve installed the Magento test data, you may notice search terms that you really don’t want/need to show up on the Dashboard once you push a site live. While working on a client’s site, all they were seeing were erroneous terms; computer, Sony, etc were all there. They don’t sell electronics, so this data was throwing off their mojo in really gathering correct data and products to push quickly. Thankfully, there is a really quick way of removing these!

One Step 🙂

Head to Catalog -> Search Terms.
Within this grid, you will see all the used terms so far – you can easily sort these by most viewed. Working just like any other collection grid in Magento, simply delete the terms you no longer want to be kept as data. This will remove the terms from the grid, as well as remove them from your “Top 5 Search Terms” from the Dashboard.

Very basic, but pertinent to clients who really want to utilize this quickly.

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  • Navnit Narayanan

    I want top 5 searches to appear in home page, so that visitors know, what others are searching for …