IE9 Issues with Magento Checkout – Disabled Credit Card Fields – Fix!

In some builds of Magento (Community and Enterprise), there is an issue with IE9 and all of the credit card fields being disabled. This is on step 4 of the one page checkout, and users will not be able to enter any information, or even use the dropdown select box to choose which type of credit card they are going to be using.

There are fixes out there that justify this fix by setting the Meta Content-Type to force IE8 (or an .htaccess fix that does the same), which is fine, but forcing a browser to downgrade isn’t really ideal. There is a cross-browser solution to this that doesn’t change the meta-type, luckily!

The fix:
Browse to your /skin/frontend/..template folder (if you’ve got one, if not, browse to the /skin/frontend/default/default/js/ folder). Open up the opcheckout.js file. Around lines 641 AND 647, (inside the switchMethod function), replace :

var elements ='input', 'select', 'textarea');


var elements ='input').concat('select'),'textarea'));

These 2 lines should fix your IE9 issues, as well as be compatible and work with Chrome/Firefox, earlier builds of IE, and others.

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  • Brian

    This didn’t work for me. I’m on ver what version are you using?

    • Anonymous


      I know this is a looooong wait for a reply – I was on 1.5 at the time, but the issue should also be solved with this same line. Have an example site?

      • Brian

        No actually I don’t even remember which website it was on. I’m pretty sure we came up with a fix though considering it was about 2 months ago haha. Thanks for the thought though!