Change Thumbnail Quality in Sitefinity

If you’ve uploaded images through Sitefinity’s different Modules, such as News thumbnails, Images & Documents (for your image gallery controls), or other areas, you may have noticed that your generated thumbnails aren’t the best quality that they could be. There’s a quick-and-easy fix for this! By increasing the compostingQuality and smoothingMode in your web.config file, you can easily set your quality to High, rather than your default server settings (if these aren’t set yet).

The code sample below demonstrates the new elements that should be added to your web.config file. We will be modifying the Generic Content Provider within Sitefinity, which runs multiple places within the CMS itself.

Web.config file:

<cmsEngine defaultProvider="Generic_Content" >
<thumbnailResizeSettings compositingQuality="HighQuality"interpolationMode="HighQualityBicubic" smoothingMode="HighQuality">
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