Change Default Thumbnail Size in Sitefinity Modules

When uploading images through Sitefinity’s Images & Documents module, News Module, or any other module that includes Generic-Content-based elements, thumbnails are generated at a preset max width and max height of 150px each way. Without diving in to the code-behind and overriding different API functions of Sitefinity, there’s a simple way to set your own maximum width/maximum height within the web.config file.

Web.config file:

<libraries defaultGenericProvider="Libraries">
 <add providerName="Libraries" defaultThumbnailHeight="250"defaultThumbnailWidth="250" publicationDateField="Publication_Date"/>
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  • Fabien


    In which node should I put your code? I’m a beginner in Sitefinity…

    Thanks for your help,


    • Hi Fabien,

      Underneath the node is where you will find the configuration. Search within your web.config file for this line:

      <libraries defaultGenericProvider="Libraries">

      Under this line, you should see the default node for genericContentProviders, as the following:

              <add providerName="Libraries" publicationDateField="Publication_Date"/>

      Simply change this to the above code in the post, or the following:

       <add providerName="Libraries" defaultThumbnailHeight="250"defaultThumbnailWidth="250" publicationDateField="Publication_Date"/></libraries></telerik>