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Magento 1.7 Released with Tons of Improvements!

Just a quick update here! If you haven’t already seen the gigantic list of additions, improvements, and fixes in Magento 1.7 (Community Edition, EE was also updated), you should! Some of my favorite updates: – Auto Generation of Coupon Codes

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Remove Borders from BlackBerry PlayBook TextInput

BlackBerry PlayBook textInput

If you have ever done any BlackBerry PlayBook app development, you may notice that some of your textInput boxes (spark type) come standard with their own designed skins. A bug that I’ve run in to while using these is that

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iPhone App Development – Masking Images

Ever had an iPhone or iPad app that allowed the user to select a photo to display from their library and find that most images don’t work well with your design? The photos often look as if they were merely

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