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jQuery – Click Through Div / Element to Underlying Element

Although I would much rather tell you to rewrite your code to get this working properly, there are ways around it. If you’ve ever finished writing your markup and ended up with an overlaying div or other element and noticed

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Magento jQuery Tabs not working/error in IE8

I ran across an incredibly odd error today. Using jQuery UI and the Tabs references, we noticed that the tabs were working in every browser *except* IE8. After many, many hours of digging and redoing the tabs, adding noconflict(), everything…I

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jQuery – Remove Default Value on Textboxes and Textareas on Focus

Using jQuery, you can easily check for mouse clicks on your input textboxes and textareas (in this example), and remove the text that you have specified as defaults. By doing this, you can inform users what each field is, without

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Hide E-mail Links from Harvesters/Bots using jQuery

When developing a website, having quick links to e-mail certain members of the site can be a wonderful and useful thing. Without making users fill out a contact form, why not let them e-mail directly from a link, assuming they

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jQuery .width() or .height() Always Returns 0 – Fix!

While working on a Sitefinity Image Gallery control, I came across an issue using jQuery.width() and height() methods on the loaded images from the Sitefinity Images & Documents module. For most of the images, both the returned values for width

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Rotate Background Images with jQuery Cycle

jQuery Cycle is a great plugin for any designer/developer to utilize, whether they are just learning how to use jQuery, or are advanced enough to make use of the different events that are included. By using the Cycle plugin, website

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