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Magento – AddThis Extension with Shortener Fix

I have noticed that the Magento extension used for AddThis sharing service does not include the necessary calls for using the URL shortening service with Twitter. Within your AddThis account, you can specifically say that you want to use

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Magento Admin Editor – “Opener is null” Issue with Inserting Images/Files

While working on a Magento EE 1.12 site, an issue came up that affect mostly Firefox and Chrome, where anytime we would try to Insert File via the Magento Media Manager, nothing would happen. Investigating this lead to an error:

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HTML5 – Add Elements to DOM to Style with CSS – Target IE8

If you’ve started creating your markup with HTML5, using elements such as nav, header, and others, IE8 will need a jump-start to recognize these, and apply your CSS specific rules to them. Read past the break to see some examples

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Magento jQuery Tabs not working/error in IE8

I ran across an incredibly odd error today. Using jQuery UI and the Tabs references, we noticed that the tabs were working in every browser *except* IE8. After many, many hours of digging and redoing the tabs, adding noconflict(), everything…I

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IE9 Issues with Magento Checkout – Disabled Credit Card Fields – Fix!

In some builds of Magento (Community and Enterprise), there is an issue with IE9 and all of the credit card fields being disabled. This is on step 4 of the one page checkout, and users will not be able to

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Fix Cufon Flickering Render

If you’re using the Cufon font-replacement library, you may have noticed that with your text being replaced, you notice a flicker before Cufon takes over and renders your custom font. In IE (especially IE7 with Cufon), adding one more line

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