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HTML5 – Add Elements to DOM to Style with CSS – Target IE8

If you’ve started creating your markup with HTML5, using elements such as nav, header, and others, IE8 will need a jump-start to recognize these, and apply your CSS specific rules to them. Read past the break to see some examples

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jQuery – Click Through Div / Element to Underlying Element

Although I would much rather tell you to rewrite your code to get this working properly, there are ways around it. If you’ve ever finished writing your markup and ended up with an overlaying div or other element and noticed

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CSS Center Unordered Lists UL/OL/LI Menus and Navigation

If you’ve ever wanted to center the list-items in an unordered or ordered list, you may be running in to some trouble trying to figure out the right combinations of margin:0 auto’s and center text aligns. The solution is simpler

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