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Change Page Titles in Sitefinity 4.1 Programmatically

While creating the Sitefinity base page install for an entire website (100+ pages), I didn’t think to customize the page titles (HtmlTitles, title tags that is) while creating all the pages in Sitefinity. This became a problem later because going

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Custom Navigation Menu Widget in Sitefinity 4

Using the default widget for a Sitefinity menu is great – when you don’t mind looking at all kinds of extra code elements thrown in. Keeping a menu simple is a great thing, helps with rendering, and decreases the amount

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Adding Custom Controls (Widgets) to Sitefinity 4 Toolbox

If you have used Sitefinity 3.7 in the past, you’re probably used to adding user or web controls to the Sitefinity Toolbox panel by either uploading them directly in Page Edit mode, or adding them to your toolboxcontrols section of

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Modify DateField Format Settings within Sitefinity 4 Widget Templates

Sitefinity 4 enables users to modify the templates for many of the widgets that they supply within the default ToolBoxControls, much like the way that Sitefinity 3.7 allowed users to extend the templates by mapping ExternalTemplatePath’s. One of the many

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Manipulate Telerik’s RadUpload control Filename when Uploading Files – Sitefinity

Telerik RadUpload Control Screenshot

Bundled in with the Sitefinity CMS suite are many of Telerik’s ASP.Net controls, and we will be focusing on the Telerik RadUpload control in this post. When creating some sort of upload control, it’s always nice to be able to

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Simple, Dynamic Copyright Date with asp.Net and C#

Although copyright dates on websites are typically only changed one time a year, there’s an easy solution to not have to bat an eye when that new year rolls around. Using an ASP.Net Literal control, and some code-behind in the

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Custom Sitefinity 3.x UL Menu using Sitefinity SiteMap

**If you are looking for Sitefinity 4.0+ custom navigation controls, please visit my new post about Sitefinity 4 Custom Menus** Sitefinity comes built-in with a standard control for rendering a site menu based off of the SiteMap structure of your

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Fix Duplicate IDs in Sitefinity with Custom Controls

Sitefinity Duplicate ID

Creating custom controls in Sitefinity is a great tool for .Net developers; however, there are issues that can occur when using more than one of the same custom control on a single page or template. Avoiding duplicate IDs with custom

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Adding a Page Selector to Sitefinity Custom Control

Once you get used to Sitefinity, you’ll notice that there are quite a few built-in features that are very handy for editing content, rather than the RadEditor itself (Telerik’s own WYSIWYG editor). For instance, there is an internal page selector

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