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Magento – Change URL of Uploaded WYSIWYG Image Paths

While working on a Magento CE 1.7 site, the client was tired of seeing crazy URLs for his uploaded images (directives!) for everything that he was uploading through his WYSIWYG editor for products, CMS pages, etc. I wanted to change

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Magento – AddThis Extension with Shortener Fix

I have noticed that the Magento extension used for AddThis sharing service does not include the necessary calls for using the URL shortening service with Twitter. Within your AddThis account, you can specifically say that you want to use

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Magento – Removing “Top 5 Search Terms” from Dashboard.

If you’ve installed the Magento test data, you may notice search terms that you really don’t want/need to show up on the Dashboard once you push a site live. While working on a client’s site, all they were seeing were

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Magento Admin Editor – “Opener is null” Issue with Inserting Images/Files

While working on a Magento EE 1.12 site, an issue came up that affect mostly Firefox and Chrome, where anytime we would try to Insert File via the Magento Media Manager, nothing would happen. Investigating this lead to an error:

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Magento – Getting Store Information, Name, Codes, etc

Just a quick post tonight – came across a site that I wanted to use a PHP Dynamic Copyright function, but wanted to use the Magento Store Names due to multiple storefronts being used. A quick list of Magento’s store

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Using cURL to Show Instagram Photos on your Website

While creating a “Social” page for a client, I came across an issue with displaying the users’ feed of new images from Instagram. The solution we came up with was to use’s awesome RSS feed, cURL, and SimpleXML within

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Magento – Set Order Status Programmatically

While working on a project this evening, I was tasked with setting the order status of all orders within September to Complete automatically, no notifications to the customer, and a comment was needed for exporting later. Below is how it

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Magento – Get Orders within a Specified Date Range Collection

A quick update again! I needed to grab all orders within a specific time frame, and run a cron job each day to grab the past 7 days worth of orders that were not set to Complete. Below is how

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HTML5 – Add Elements to DOM to Style with CSS – Target IE8

If you’ve started creating your markup with HTML5, using elements such as nav, header, and others, IE8 will need a jump-start to recognize these, and apply your CSS specific rules to them. Read past the break to see some examples

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Magento – Check for Secure / Unsecure URLs in code

Here’s a quick way to check if you are in a secure URL, such as would happen if you have “Use Secure URLs in Frontend” enabled. This code can be placed within phtml files to check the URL.

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