Adding Custom Controls (Widgets) to Sitefinity 4 Toolbox

If you have used Sitefinity 3.7 in the past, you’re probably used to adding user or web controls to the Sitefinity Toolbox panel by either uploading them directly in Page Edit mode, or adding them to your toolboxcontrols section of your web.config file. However, in Sitefinity 4, adding widgets to the toolbox is a little different. There are two ways to add widgets, and I’ll be covering the first method by adding widgets through the Sitefinity backend.

Once you’ve finsihed creating your user control, you can now login to Sitefinity and begin the few quick steps to add it to your widget toolbox panel.

1. Start by heading to your Administration -> Settings page.
Sitefinity Admin Settings page

2. Click on the Advanced button to head to the more in-depth settings.
Advanced administration in Sitefinity 4
3. Navigate to the Toolboxes -> Toolboxes -> PageControls -> Sections area. Here you can create a new section for all of your custom controls, but in this example I will be adding a Navigation control to the preset NavigationControlsSection.

4. Fill out your ControlType (which is the Path to your control), Name (no spaces, this is the control ID that will be used to access the control later in other controls), and Title. Save your control, and you can now access it via the Pages and Page Template edit areas inside your Toolbox!
Save widget

5. Head to a Page to edit, and you can see your new Widget!
New Widget in Sitefinity Toolbox!

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