Month: July 2011

CSS Center Unordered Lists UL/OL/LI Menus and Navigation

If you’ve ever wanted to center the list-items in an unordered or ordered list, you may be running in to some trouble trying to figure out the right combinations of margin:0 auto’s and center text aligns. The solution is simpler

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Magento Google Analytics eCommerce Code Not Posting Data – Fix

Magento and Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking Fix

If you’re using Magento 1.4+ or Magento EE 1.9.1, there are documented and reported bugs that prevent your Google Analytics tracking code (specifically for the eCommerce portion) from tracking your purchases and conversions. The solution is to modify (or overwrite

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IE9 Issues with Magento Checkout – Disabled Credit Card Fields – Fix!

In some builds of Magento (Community and Enterprise), there is an issue with IE9 and all of the credit card fields being disabled. This is on step 4 of the one page checkout, and users will not be able to

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Change Page Titles in Sitefinity 4.1 Programmatically

While creating the Sitefinity base page install for an entire website (100+ pages), I didn’t think to customize the page titles (HtmlTitles, title tags that is) while creating all the pages in Sitefinity. This became a problem later because going

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