Month: May 2011

Fix Cufon Flickering Render

If you’re using the Cufon font-replacement library, you may have noticed that with your text being replaced, you notice a flicker before Cufon takes over and renders your custom font. In IE (especially IE7 with Cufon), adding one more line

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jQuery – Remove Default Value on Textboxes and Textareas on Focus

Using jQuery, you can easily check for mouse clicks on your input textboxes and textareas (in this example), and remove the text that you have specified as defaults. By doing this, you can inform users what each field is, without

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Custom Navigation Menu Widget in Sitefinity 4

Using the default widget for a Sitefinity menu is great – when you don’t mind looking at all kinds of extra code elements thrown in. Keeping a menu simple is a great thing, helps with rendering, and decreases the amount

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Adding Custom Controls (Widgets) to Sitefinity 4 Toolbox

If you have used Sitefinity 3.7 in the past, you’re probably used to adding user or web controls to the Sitefinity Toolbox panel by either uploading them directly in Page Edit mode, or adding them to your toolboxcontrols section of

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Modify DateField Format Settings within Sitefinity 4 Widget Templates

Sitefinity 4 enables users to modify the templates for many of the widgets that they supply within the default ToolBoxControls, much like the way that Sitefinity 3.7 allowed users to extend the templates by mapping ExternalTemplatePath’s. One of the many

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