Month: April 2011

Hide E-mail Links from Harvesters/Bots using jQuery

When developing a website, having quick links to e-mail certain members of the site can be a wonderful and useful thing. Without making users fill out a contact form, why not let them e-mail directly from a link, assuming they

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jQuery .width() or .height() Always Returns 0 – Fix!

While working on a Sitefinity Image Gallery control, I came across an issue using jQuery.width() and height() methods on the loaded images from the Sitefinity Images & Documents module. For most of the images, both the returned values for width

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Remove Borders from BlackBerry PlayBook TextInput

BlackBerry PlayBook textInput

If you have ever done any BlackBerry PlayBook app development, you may notice that some of your textInput boxes (spark type) come standard with their own designed skins. A bug that I’ve run in to while using these is that

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Manipulate Telerik’s RadUpload control Filename when Uploading Files – Sitefinity

Telerik RadUpload Control Screenshot

Bundled in with the Sitefinity CMS suite are many of Telerik’s ASP.Net controls, and we will be focusing on the Telerik RadUpload control in this post. When creating some sort of upload control, it’s always nice to be able to

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