Month: March 2011

Change Thumbnail Quality in Sitefinity

If you’ve uploaded images through Sitefinity’s different Modules, such as News thumbnails, Images & Documents (for your image gallery controls), or other areas, you may have noticed that your generated thumbnails aren’t the best quality that they could be. There’s

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Change Default Thumbnail Size in Sitefinity Modules

When uploading images through Sitefinity’s Images & Documents module, News Module, or any other module that includes Generic-Content-based elements, thumbnails are generated at a preset max width and max height of 150px each way. Without diving in to the code-behind

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iPhone App Development – Masking Images

Ever had an iPhone or iPad app that allowed the user to select a photo to display from their library and find that most images don’t work well with your design? The photos often look as if they were merely

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